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OJS 3.x Services

OJS 3.x has many new and improved features over OJS 2.x including an even more dynamic and customizable workflow. OJS 3.x also has a more streamlined design with increased flexibility for roles, tasks, and file management. OJS 3.x has dramatically enhanced the user experience with even better clarity while continuing to provide a solid foundation of core functionality enabling publishers to meet their diverse requirements and practices. OpenJournalSystems.com has been closely following the development of OJS 3.x since 2013, starting from the OJS 3.x alpha version and evaluation by CDL (California Digital library), to the beta version, all the way to the current production release.

OpenJournalSystems.com is excited to offer full service and support for OJS 3.x, including upgrades and migration from OJS 2.x, managed hosting, customization, and expert training. Upgrading OJS is not an easy task, but OpenJournalSystems.com has the extensive technical expertise needed to make sure it’s done quickly and correctly. A botched or incomplete OJS upgrade procedure can result in OJS malfunction and the loss of your data.

We have also created a handy online version of user guide for OJS 3.x. This is easily accessible in our OJS Knowledge Center to help you learn about OJS 3.x.

OJS Upgrade Benefits

Dynamic and Customizable Workflow

Unlike the fixed workflow model in OJS 2.x, the OJS 3.x workflow can be easily customized to improve the editorial process.

Streamlined Design

The OJS 3.x user interface, navigation systems, and the themes have been redesigned to enhance the user experience and provide better clarity than ever before.

Flexible Roles and Task Management

New roles can be created and existing roles can be easily modified, renamed, or even switched.

Improved Feedback System for Each Editorial Stage

The new internal discussion system, available for each editorial stage, helps track the communications that are a critical part of any submission’s workflow.
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