OJS Upgrade

  • Updates are vital for the proper functioning of your OJS site. Every OJS upgrade includes file changes and/or removal to fix vulnerabilities and bugs to help protect your OJS site. An outdated version of OJS leaves your Journal Management System at risk of malicious hacker attacks. Outdated, obsolete, abandoned, and inactive OJS plug-ins can also be a security risk. Additionally, these updates also contain the latest improvements and newest features to ensure you get the most out of your OJS. Furthermore, in order to be able to upgrade your current OJS to OJS 3.x, you will need to upgrade your OJS 2.3.x or older to an intermediate version of OJS 2.4.x. before being able to upgrade to OJS 3.x.
  • Upgrading is easy. All you need to do is visit our OJS Upgrade page and choose the OJS upgrade plan that best fits your needs. The biggest differences between OJS plans are the whether you are upgrading a single journal or looking at a multi-journal installation as well as is the age of your current version. Please see OJS Upgrade page for more details.
  • Upgrading OJS is not an easy task and requires extensive technical expertise in order to make sure it’s done correctly. As well, a botched or incomplete OJS upgrade procedure can result in OJS malfunction and loss of your data.
  • If you are already hosting your OJS with us, or have purchased our OJS service plan, the upgrade is included in your plan and the number of upgrades per year depends on the purchased plan. Before any OJS upgrade, we will take a complete backup of your database and essential files. This ensures that if anything goes wrong during the OJS upgrade process; we can roll back the OJS upgrade to your current installation. We will then proceed with updating your OJS core files and database to the latest stable OJS version. Please see section 5.4 of our Terms of Service for upgrade policy.
  • The time to perform an upgrade can vary depending on post-upgrade troubleshooting and complications.
  • Yes. With over 1000 upgrades under our belt, we have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to upgrade your OJS from any previous version of Open Journal Systems software.