Copyright and Licensing Copyright and Licensing sells a wide range of custom created content including themes and plugins for Open Journal Systems (OJS), and open source platforms. These custom themes and plugins are sold under what is known as a Default Split License.

This Default Split License ensures we can protect our rights and freedoms to respect (and comply with) the General Public License (GPL) but control the use of our own custom created work at the same time.

There are two elements covered by a Default Split License:

The Non-GPL Portion: This includes all Assets – `, CSS, Images, and Custom Templates created by

The GPL Portion: This includes the OJS core files: PHP, HTML, and standard OJS Templates.

This setup is in compliance with Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) ruling. In 2009, The SFLC opinion states that the PHP and any intermingled HTML needs to be released under the GPL but CSS and images, by contrast, can be but do not need to be. Essentially what this means is two different sets of licensing rights apply. The latter components that are not released under the GPL, the custom content created by, is covered by a separate license and NOT the GPL.

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