• In addition to the enhanced user interface, navigation systems, and theme experience, the workflow in OJS 3 is highly dynamic and much more customizable than OJS 2.x. OJS 3 also has much more flexible user roles and task management systems. It also includes an improved feedback system for each editorial stage to help you track the communications that are a critical to any submission’s workflow.
  • No. Some plug-ins and functions such as subscription-based access, are not yet available in OJS 3.
  • OpenJournalSystems.com has the extensive technical expertise you need to make sure your upgrade is done quickly and correctly. Upgrading OJS is not a simple task and a botched or incomplete upgrade procedure can result in a malfunction and the loss of your data. If you are running OJS version 2.3.x or older, you will first need to upgrade to OJS version 2.4 or later. Please see our OJS 3.0 Upgrade Plans for more information.
  • Customizations made to your OJS 2.x installation will not easily apply to OJS 3 as many underlying concepts have changed considerably.