Ernst Reinhardt Verlag e-Journals | Germany

Project Description

Ernst Reinhardt Verlag is a 115-year old publishing house in Munich, Germany specializing in pedagogy, special education, social work, school/preschool, psychology, and gerontology. Ernst Reinhardt Publishing House is an associate of the UTB GmbH (University-Text-Book) which publishes relevant textbooks for university students. At the present time, Ernst Reinhardt Verlag publishes seven journals in print as well as online. Some of these publications are targeted at an academic audience and others at practitioners in the relevant fields.

Project Highlights in Client’s Own Words

Ernst Reinhardt Verlag uses OJS to distribute seven different journals online. The platform is used to grant access to individual subscribers via login and institutional subscribers via IP-range. Users who are not subscribers can buy individual articles via invoice or PayPal. has upgraded the system from 2.4.2 to 2.4.8-1 while preserving or recreating all previous customization including:

  • Customization of the Templates.
  • Changes to the structure of the database and the corresponding import/export-plugins.
  • An automated data import on the basis of the existing import plugins.
  • A highly customized payment process.
  • The addition of watermarks to PDFs.
  • A customized search.
  • Extra options for the Timed Views Report.
  • The ability to control the number of users that can log in with the same account at the same time.

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