Public Knowledge Project (PKP) Predatory Business Practices

Public Knowledge Project (PKP) Predatory Business Practices

Since the publication of “Open Journal Systems Hacking Epidemic and Solutions” on January 26th, Public Knowledge Project (PKP) has posted multiple retaliatory responses on its website, denying OJS security vulnerabilities, and lashing out with wild accusations and defamatory statements against

Up until 2013, PKP (PKP|PS held a total monopoly over managed hosting and support for Open Journal Systems (OJS). PKP took advantage of this monopoly by charging an exorbitant rate for their services. For example, a publisher such as Mattioli 1885 (, with 9 titles and a 15 GB disk space requirement, would’ve required to pay $2700 per title to PKP Publishing Services for journal hosting. However; since the launch of in 2013, e-publishers, such as Mattioli 1885, have been able to enjoy high-quality managed hosting and support for their OJS for as little as $360 per year! (see Mattioli Testimonial). As started gaining market share bit by bit, PKP began to launch vicious attacks against our company.

Over the past four years, PKP and its representatives have engaged in a pattern of conduct that appears to have one sole purpose in mind – eliminate as a competitor in the Open Journal Systems platform. This is a concerted effort on the part of PKP, its representatives, and its affiliated companies and vendors, to engage in defamation and interfere with’s business through social media and on other forums. has been subjected to continuous harassment and cyberbullying from PKP. Since 2013, PKP has blocked our access to its forum to try and maintain a total monopoly on OJS services; created multiple websites directed at our CEO for the purpose of intimidation and defamation; and directed hundreds of baseless, defamatory social media attacks, against in an attempt to damage our reputation. Full details are available in our cease and desist demand letter.

PKP receives millions of dollars in grants, donations, Canadian federal funding, and university support, which makes it possible for its director, John Willinsky, to afford his $4,000,000 mansion in Silicon Valley (411 Stanford Ave Palo Alto, CA) and amass a net worth of over $10,000,000., however, does not receive any funding and our company spends thousands of dollars in the development of new, high-quality themes and plugins for OJS. These themes and plugins are copyright (See Copyright and Licensing) but astonishingly, PKP’s forum is allowing others who’ve pirated our theme codes to create posts with links to these illegally obtained themes. We also have reasonable grounds to believe that PKP employees have been aiding and abetting OJS hackers from Indonesia in an attempt to breach our server security. These hackers failed and we have reported the PKP employee responsible for these incidents to the FBI Cyber Crime Unit.

This is not the first time that PKP and their Canadian library associates have launched a libelous campaign against a US corporation. In 2010, Dale Askey, a PKP associate and a librarian at McMaster University, wrote a blog post about Edwin Mellen Press on his personal Web site, Bibliobrary, referring to the publisher as “dubious” and saying its books were often works of “second-class scholarship.” In June 2012, Edwin Mellen Press filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Dale Askey and McMaster University for defamation. PKP’s Canadian library associates started an online publicity campaign against Edwin Mellen Press, calling the defamation lawsuit an assault on academic freedom and free speech. Overwhelmed by this negative publicity campaign, Edwin Mellen Press withdrew their lawsuit in order to avoid any further damage to their business. currently hosts more than 130 open-access journals using Open Journal Systems, and have served over 500 OJS clients worldwide. We have a proven track record of providing comprehensive solutions for Open Journal Systems users and helping scholarly publishers make the most of their online publishing projects. We are the proud service provider for many University Press groups around the world including: Michigan State University (, Florida State University College of Medicine (, Findlay University (, Flinder University in Australia (, Dominican University (, Sigmund Freud University in Austria ( ), and many more. prides itself on impeccable customer service and we have the successful track record to prove it. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. We invite you to visit our Testimonials Page to find out what our current clients have to say about us and to our Projects Page to view our portfolio.

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