OJS New Products

OJS Manuscript File Merger Plugin

Manuscript File Merger Plugin | OJS 3 Plugin

Release Date: Feb/2/2017

OJS Manuscript File Merger Plugin converts author manuscript source files into a single PDF for the review process. The plugin makes it possible for an author to bundle all manuscript source files (Doc/Docx, PDF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, PPT) into a single PDF during the submission process.

File Upload Validation Plugin

File Upload Validation Plugin | OJS Hacking and Security Solutions

Release Date: Jan/2/2017

OJS File Upload Validation Plugin enables the Admin/JM to choose the approved file types, which can be uploaded by an author during the submission process. This plugin will prevent the upload of OJS malware, such as PHTML files, which are used by hackers to gain entry into an OJS web server and upload malicious files.

Registration Notification Plugin

Registration Notification Plugin | OJS Hacking and Security Solutions

Release Date: Jan/2/2017

OJS Registration Notification Plugin sends an email notification to a predetermined email address whenever a user has been registered for a journal. This email contains the user name, email, affiliation, journal and role(s) registered for, and the option to delete them form OJS. This plugin enables the Admin/JM to verify or block the registration of any new user.

Article Metrics Graph

Article Metrics Graph | OJS Article Level Metrics

Release Date: Jan/2/2017

Article Metrics Graph (AMG) plugin works in conjunction with Article Level Metrics plugin to present OJS article metrics and article pageviews in multiple graphical format, using a dynamic and responsive framework.