OJS 2x New ALM Plugin | OJS 2x Plugin

OJS 2x New ALM Plugin

OJS 2x New ALM Plugin | OJS 2x Plugin

Release Date: May/29/2017

OpenJournalSystems.com is proud to announce the release of our new for OJS. The ALM Plugin pulls usage statistic data from the database for graphical presentation.

In the past, the OJS 2x series came with an ALM plugin that would fetch data from the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) server using a complex system based on a client/server model. However, PKP has now decided to close the ALM services.

To fill the gap, we’ve created a fantastic new ALMs plugin that does not require external server but pulls usage statistic data from the database for graphical presentation.

Click here to see demo.

What Are ALMs and What Can They Do?

ALMs are not simply a different way to measure impact. They can track the reach, use and reuse of research results from everything from articles and figures to datasets and code. Combined with traditional measures, ALMs can present a more rounded idea of how an article is being discussed, shared, and used.

Also, as ALMs are available shortly after publication and are continually updated, they provide a snapshot of an article’s reach at any given moment.

ALMs have the potential to transform the research evaluation process. Some of the things ALMs can do are:

  1. Communicate an Article’s Impact: By featuring ALMs on their public profile pages (lab website, personal blog, ResearchGate, Academia.edu, LinkedIn) authors can tell their article’s story to those who are interested in your work.
  2. Let Funders Know about Research: ALMs give the author’s the ability to demonstrate that their research generates significant interest which could help secure financial support in today’s competitive funding environment.
  3. Raise an Author’s Career Profile: ALMs can help showcase the influence of an author’s work when applying for tenure and promotion or for positions outside academia—in policy, industry, or elsewhere.
  4. Discover Research That Matters: ALMs can guide authors to the most important and influential work available, whether for analyzing trends in a field of interest, staying abreast of recent discoveries, or searching ideas for a new project.
  5. Connect with Collaborators: ALMs can help identify potential collaborators early, based upon the impact of their work and its relevance to other authors. And, ALMs allow authors to find them while they’re actively engaged in the research of interest.


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