An Alternative for Publishers in Africa

An Alternative for Publishers in Africa

Alternative for Publishers in Africa

Many publishers in Africa have had difficulty establishing an independent online publishing presence due to funding issues or lack of access to technology. These publishers can fall prey to dubious, self-serving, non-profit publishing support establishments that have tried to carve out a monopoly in the industry. These companies receive large amounts of public or government money, but fail to provide even standard levels of service. Most of this funding ends up in their executive’s pockets.  When it comes to Open Journal Systems journal-hosting services, believe publishers in Africa deserve better and should have autonomy over their publishing.

Since 2013, has partnered with groups worldwide to establish their online journals using the Open Journal Systems (OJS) software. We offer a variety of affordable journal-hosting solutions, guidance, and advice to scientist, researchers, and editors to help create and share global knowledge and disseminate their digital content using our journal-hosting platform. currently hosts more than 130 open-access journals using OJS including hosting and support for: The Nigerian Health Journal, Nigerian Tropical Journal of Nephrology, Nigerian Journal of Technology, Tanzania Medical Journal, and Namibian Journal of Environment.

Rather than paying up to $2700/year for journal-hosting support to a non-profit, or being at the mercy of groups who offer free, but substandard service, you can have top-of-the-line journal-hosting, support, training, responsive themes, and best of all, maintain your own publishing brand for just $360/year.

Publishers in Africa deserve better and now they can get it with

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